handmade with old fashioned 
care and perfection
Dark Chocolate Covered Assorted Nuts
A delicious mixture of roasted and hand selected, whole pecans, brazils, almonds and cashews drenched in dark chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut
Moist, chewy coconut encompassed in rich dark chocolate. Sure to please any coconut lover.
Dark Chocolate Covered Crackers
A candy by many names, Jordan Cracker, Biscuits, Ladyfingers. A light, crispy cracker covered in rich dark chhocolate.
Dark Chocolate Covered Pecan Carmel Patties
A luscious blend of soft, chewy caramel atop a mound of fresh roasted pecans drenched in dark chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels
A double twist of fate in this great combination. The ultimate taste of dark chocolate smothering crispy, salted pretzels.
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